Spineshank – The Height of Callousness (2000)

By far the best thing this band has ever done. While Strictly Diesel was still showing the band finding what would work best for them, The Height of Callousness shows a more developed and operated machine of an album, with GGGarth finding an optimal balance for their sound. 

While this may be a nu-metal album in nature, it still accelerates as the band has worked on making memorable hooks as well as highly manipulating their sound into a superhuman of an album. With influences ranging from industrial metal to drum and bass, it shows how being completely mechanical can have its advantages, despite the fact that it can be guilty of falling into the expected nu-metal pitfalls at times (mostly lyrical but not too bad). Nonetheless, this is an album meant to be played loud and by far one of the superior entries you’ll find in a heavily saturated and flawed genre. 


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