Trenches – The Tide Will Swallow Us Whole (2008)

Remember when Haste the Day lost original vocalist Jimmy Ryan in late 2005? Well, he ended up rebounding better than ever with Trenches, which are leaps and bounds more experimental and less of a band that you can easily pigeonhole into one set genre like you could with HTD. 

How can I describe the sound this band has? Well, it’s very sludgy and vast in sound, sorta akin to older Mastodon but with more diverse vocal range. The harsh screams Ryan had in Haste the Day are still there, but the singing has matured a lot, not relying on poppy choruses like he did before. Instead, it sounds more intense and tortured, reflecting the rugged, sludgy nature of this band. It’s been quite some time since this dropped (9 years in fact!), thankfully the long awaited follow-up will be here before we know it.

RIYL: Mastodon (sludgy material), Cult of Luna, Will Haven, Black Tusk, etc.


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