Yüth Forever – Skeleton Youth Forever (2016)

This band gained a sense of notoriety for having to change their name from Villians to Yüth to avoid legal action, and yet again to Yüth Forever since that was also taken as well. Well, this is their first and only album under their new name, as they announced an indefinite hiatus shortly afterwards, saying that they’ve accomplished all they needed to. 

Well, if you liked Freudian Slip under the Villains guise, this shouldn’t disappoint. The first track, “Suicidal Pistol Grip Pump”, sounds pretty damn good for a song that’s mostly a cloud rap beat with their anxiety fueled screaming. It’s pretty damn morbid too. The album follows in the same as what they did before, with plenty of self loathing and dissonant groovy guitar rhythms. It reflects an anxiety-riddled band expressing their voice and letting it out for the world to hear. It’s not something I would recommend for novice metalcore fans, but this is going to go down as some cult shit that never quite got its proper due. 

RIYL: Sworn In, Barrier, groovy unorthodox tunes


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