Starflyer 59 – Starflyer 59 (Silver) (1994)

Who would have thought that Tooth & Nail of all labels would drop one of the most underrated shoegaze classics of the 90s. Religious aspects aside, these guys knew what they were doing. While it’s got plenty of fuzz, layers and feedback, they wrote songs that prove simplicity can go a long way, whilst not sacrificing any groove in their riffs. Jason Martin, vocalist, guitarist and overall mastermind, prefers to let his guitar do most of the speaking, with his vocal parts being whispered and exhaled along the way. The best part of it all is that it flows together and stays at the top throughout: not one weak moment on this album. 

Personally, I haven’t ventured much further after this, but I know that the shoegaze dwindled gradually with each album they kept releasing. Nonetheless, I can see why Martin distanced himself further from this style, because he nailed it here. Plenty of fuzz, yet plenty to hook onto as well.

RIYL: Nothing, Catherine Wheel, Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins


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