And Hell Followed With – Proprioception (2010)

One of my personal favorite deathcore gems. While this was only their second album before calling it a day the following year, they managed to make one of the most entertaining entries in its league.

The songwriting may seem a bit inconsistent at first, but I feel it works out by not feeling too derivative of other bands. It can easily traverse from death metal shredding to melodic leads, to even throwing in gang vocals and breakdowns. This will weed out the purists, but their loss. For example, take “This Night is the Coroner’s” with the infamous my hands around your throat, your teeth embedded in my flesh chant. It’s a bit out of place but doesn’t disrupt the flow either. My favorite though is “A Welcome Displeasure”, which builds upon a riff and then flows melodically until it surprises us with an unexpected turn.

It’s unfortunate that out of all of the bands to emerge from the deathcore scene, these guys had to be one of the first to hang it up. However, they didn’t go out without a bang, and “Proprioception” is the way to do it.

RIYL: The Black Dahlia Murder, Oceano, All Shall Perish


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