ERRA – Drift (2016)

Even with a lineup change reducing them to a four piece on this album, most noticeably with the inclusion of ex-Texas in July vocalist JT Cavey to the lineup, ERRA proves that they not only haven’t been knocked down a peg one bit, but instead went up a step without drastically altering their sound too much. Clean vocalist Jesse Cash is one of the most noteworthy in his league, contrasting with JT’s uncleans perfectly. The guitars are sublime for a band in its genre, invoking surrealistic melodic atmospheres amongst rhythmic chugs and riffs. Seriously, if you have never checked out this band, you are doing yourself a huge disservice to your ears.

RIYL: Northlane, Volumes, Textures, yet even better

Just FYI, I am not the best at reviews. I like to keep them short and sweet, and let you check them out yourself. If you disagree with my opinion, that’s awesome too. Let’s just try to keep things clean here please. 

I am also eschewing a numerical rating system. I cancelled my RateYourMusic account because what’s the point in giving a numerical score that I’m sure will not set in stone?


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